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Our Services


Under the direction of Dr. Ines Poza, PCS provides strategic planning and qualitative research solutions for U.S. based and international clients in English and Spanish.


PCS provides qualitative research solutions to clients in the U.S. and internationally by coordinating with a network of vetted, high quality facilities and like-minded research companies around the world.


Dr. Poza and her team of highly skilled moderators routinely talk to people of different ethnicities, from all walks of life, in English and Spanish about everything that matters - from birth to death  and all that comes in between. We understand how people live and the choices they make.

Dr. Poza’s expertise in probing techniques helps her reveal consumer mindset and sensibilities.

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Our research toolbox includes home visits & ethnographies, IDI’s, shop-alongs, focus groups, diaries and homework, either in-person and using trusted online platforms. 

Recent advances in online platforms along with more people using them regularly means greater  reach and more creative applications.

PCS provides a range of online and in-person qualitative research products, customizing methodologies for each project.

We integrate what we learn about mindset and sensibilities with relevant source material for real-world context. The result is actionable recommendations with real-world results.

Planning & Analyses

PCS provides strategic planning services for reaching the total market.

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