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Dr. Poza and her team of highly skilled moderators’ warm and engaging style along with expertise in probing techniques allows them to get to the bottom of people’s mindset and sensibilities.

We’ve talked to people of different ethnicities, religions and race from every walk of life, about everything that matters. From birth (hospitals and health care) to death (funeral arrangements) and all that comes in between (education, workplace3 issues, nutrition, parenting and entertainment).


Aside from traditional focus groups, PCS conducts online groups, intercept interviews, shop-a-longs, in-home interviews and ethnographic research as well as one-on-one interviews with people ranging from high level CEOs and physicians to parents who make less than $25,000 a year.

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Dr. Poza provides strategic planning services for clients targeting general market and Hispanic audiences. We integragte what we learn about mindset and sensibilities with other sources to give real-world context. This is how we develop actionable recommendations that bring real-world results.

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